Fetish Exploration: Preggophilia

Fetish Exploration: Preggophilia

So You Like Pregnant Women, Now What?

So it's always been said that a pregnant woman "glows".. whether it's sweat or a true "glow," there's a certain sex appeal that can accompany the very essence of said woman. From the round belly to the ever-increasing size of the breasts, it's completely understandable why your attraction to pregnant women is at an all-time high. Not to mention, the pheromones given off are *chefs kiss*. 

So have you found yourself attracted to a pregnant woman but don't know what to call it? Well, now it has a name: preggophilia. Word of caution though, there are some things you should avoid when discussing your fetish. Never, ever bring into question minors or anything relating to minors. The kink itself focuses on the state of being pregnant, not the condition and outcome. So tread lightly with the "mom" comments, they're not appreciated nor appropriate for all. 

Even though orgasms and having sex near a due date may aid in labor induction, some have outright pregnancy fetishes: sexual attraction to a pregnant person. There are many different aspects to this fetish, ranging from being turned on by the possibility of becoming pregnant to men who seek out heavily pregnant women solely for the shape of their bodies.

Some partners may discover they have one when their partner becomes pregnant, but others are drawn to the rotund pregnant belly regardless of who is carrying the baby or whose body it is. Because, according to that exact strict definition, Pregnancy, Maiesiophilia, and Preggophilia are all terms used to describe the sexual fetish of being sexually attracted or experiencing sexual arousal from pregnant women. Pregnancy fetishists are obsessed with the sight of a swollen, round belly. The attraction may also include an interest in lactation or other pregnancy symptoms.


There are various aspects to the fetish, just as there are different facets to preggophilia. You can have ten different people doing the same thing in the same room for ten different reasons.

Some people enjoy embracing taboos because it makes them more erotic. Here you are having hot sex with someone ready to become a mother.

How Can You Know You Have Preggophilia Fetish?

  • You spend more time thinking about pregnant women.
  • When you see a pregnant woman, you become aroused and lose control of your emotions and feelings
  • You enjoy watching or reading preggophilia-related content
  • You are not aroused in an act until your partner does not participate in a preggophilia-related role-play.
  • Fantasizing intense scenes about pregnant women more often
What is it about Preggophilia that turns people on?

The attraction to Preggophilia can be in things like:

  • The idea of having a woman impregnated
  • The concept of a woman giving birth
  • The shape of a round or swollen pregnant belly.
  • A romanticized concept of family or a desire to start a family
  • For men, the ability to control when to impregnate her is a powerful tool
There is also something so lovely about pregnant women. When a woman is carrying a child, she looks her best. Their skin is flawless, their eyes sparkle with joy, and the bigger they are, the better. During pregnancy, blood flow increases, giving some women a special glow. Hormone surges can cause thicker nails and shiny hair, making you more appealing to the opposite sex. When a woman is pregnant, her defiance, willpower, determination, and strength are activated, which can be comforting and erotic. It is also an obvious sign of fertility, attracting men who want to start a family. Men desire their partners during pregnancy.

The hormonal surge that women experience during preggophilia can also make them horny as hell, making preggophilia porn and sex while pregnant hot.

A woman being pregnant has a primal and natural to it, and the male's ability to make a woman pregnant can make them feel powerful, confident, and needed.

Is Preggophilia Fetish Something to Be Ashamed Of?

That depends; are you doing something heinous in order to indulge in your fantasy? If that is the case, then yes. Otherwise, it is not something to be ashamed of.

Many people who enjoy their fetishes or kinks find it appealing; those others think it is strange or shameful. Embracing your desire when it is out of the ordinary, naughty, or a little questionable can be a significant turn-on.

Fetishes are nothing to be ashamed of; we all have them as long as your participation is not detrimental to others and the parties agree upon everything.

People develop fetishes for a variety of reasons. You might be wondering why anyone would have such a fetish. Fetishes occur for a variety of reasons. It could have been an experience that opened their eyes to preggophilia, or it could have been a traumatic event in which it was used as a coping mechanism. There are many offers on Scented Pansy with the tag for pregnant.

Pregnant again 
Preggophilia is Not Just For Men

You probably believe that preggophilia is only practiced by men, but you are mistaken. Women can also engage in preggophilia.

Preggophilia can be erotic for women as well. However, many women preggophilia fetishists claim that the possibility of becoming pregnant is what turns them on.

Remember that sexual attraction and stimulation are highly personal and unique to each individual. So, no, it is not just for men. While the female preggophilia community is not as large as the male preggophilia community, it does exist.

Final Thought

Individuals who openly engage in a fetish lifestyle have discovered a way to express themselves and their sexuality. Some of them may have experienced severe emotional distress before discovering or accepting their kink or discovering that their fetish was healthy.

People of the preggophilia group are not just sexually attracted to pregnant women; they respect pregnant women, understand how difficult pregnancy is, and feel lucky to make them feel unique, attractive, and desired.

There is no reason to view pregnant women as untouchable, off-limits, or sexual beings that cannot have sex or men who are not put off by a growing belly as perverts. I may disagree with some things, but I will never judge someone based on what they enjoy doing unless they hurt somebody else.
Fetish Exploration: Preggophilia