Stocking tease for the nylon lover

Isn't it great to run a stocking under your nose and wrap it around your cock? To find stinky socks and creamy panties to sniff for your sock fetish - right off of the long slender foot of your mistress? She is waiting for your foot worship. This section is the perfect place to become a foot slave. Are you man enough to take her stinky socks that haven't been washed in two weeks? She prefers a good feet licking daily to wash her foot with your tongue. And don't forget about the toe sucking foot tease part of the process.

Kinky nylon foot fetish

Not only do we have the best used panties on the web, but we also keep loads of other kinky listings. 'Scented' is not just for a fancy name - we really do love smells of all shape and color. So maybe your more of a leg and feet man... used stockings, smelly socks, worn shoes, ripped nylons - Scented Pansy is one-stop shop for all things legs and foot fetish. But we don't stop at used stockings. If you prefer feet minus legs, find plenty of dirty foot fetish items in our used sock section and kik sexting. And of course, check out the buy dirty panties while you are here.

The trusted source for dirty pantyhose stuff

Panty fetish getting horny now you have the tools. A common misconception of the panty fetish is that it is dirty. Well it is but it is a lot of other things too. If you get lucky with a lady and find your self hoarding up her worn panties and stockings, if can quickly fill your clothes drawer. Then what can you do? You have to go and buy up a custom dresser to store your tremendous cache of used underwear and dirty articles of clothing. It can become a personal treasure chest of smelly thongs and creampie panties things. Make sure you dry up any of the wet ones so they store properly. If they remain wet they can become over run with mold and other bad nasty things. Keep plenty of fans and ventilation going. If you lick the panty if will reactivate and your coveted grool once again a return for your pleasure. The same goes for the smelly foot scent at the end of a long stocking.

So you are interested in selling used panties? This is definitely the right place for you. Used underwear are a big fad in the fetish world at the moment. And why should you not throw your dirty panty in to the ring for a little of the action. That is a rhetorical question! The fact is, in order to sell panties online, you will need a trusted partner who you can have by your side as you learn the ropes and become a panty seller. There are many fly by night operations out there either on Twitter or elsewhere on the web. Beware of many imitators and fakes. This is one reason why we have developed a review system for our sellers.

Another good benefit to this method of selling is it can all be done in the comfort of your own home. KIK sexting or girlfriend experience provide your customer with a different vibe and mix it up some. Desires can be explored in the safety of anonymity. But please do read our tips on selling used panties before venturing into this area. You can see how much fun it can be when you explore the wild side and sell used panties online here.

Dirty pantyhose and the stocking fetish

I certainly do. I love a woman with long sexy legs, wearing sheer nude pantyhose. The texture of her stockings is so smooth and silky. You can see her cute little toes and her soles, just stinking up those stockings. You know it is such a huge turn on.

My favorite stocking tease is watching a beautiful woman, with a gorgeous body. She is wearing only her favorite nude nylons. She teases me with her silky legs, I can see her pussy peeking through the center of those stockings. Watching her tease me, she gets herself aroused. I can see those stockings starting to get wet. She is working herself up. She begins to sweat more and more. As she teases me, she knows how turned on I am by the smell of her feet in those stockings. She lets me smell them, but then leans in and whispers to me. "Do you want my cum?" I, of course, tell her yes. She tells me she is going to cum so hard. She leans back and puts her hand right down her hose, fingering and teasing her tiny sweet clit. She rubs her feet on me as she pleasures herself. As she teases me and lets me touch her legs, but won't allow me to play just yet. I ask her, "May I play with my cock and cum with you?", she says "No, not until I tell you to do so!" I continue to watch her play with herself, still, I sit here with a hard cock and can't disobey my Mistress and must continue to edge. I see her body begin to shiver and shake, I know she is going to finally cum. But this Goddess does not just cum. She squirts all over the place. Soaking the bed beneath her. Best of all, she has soaked and squirted all over those pantyhose.

Do you like stocking tease?

She now leans forward and tells me to beg her to allow myself pleasure. I beg of her, she gives me a cum countdown. As she counts back from ten, I stare at her stockings just saturated from her sweet pussy juice. As she hits one, I cum heavily, it feels so good to get all that cum out of my hard cock. I ask my sweet Goddess, please I need those pantyhose from you. I need them, your smell, your squirting puddle staining those stockings, the smell of your little stinky feet. She looks down and laughs at me and says, "Do you think I am just going to give these to you?" I explain how I would love that. She laughs at me and says, "You need this dont you? You can't just have them, you want my smell, my cum, my stockings you can buy them from me!" She then tells him, if you don't buy them, slave, you will never see me again. Her stocking slave boy gives her money for those dirty, sweaty, stinky cum soaked stockings.

When the stocking tease is preferred

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