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Alley Sinn
Alley Sinn on Scented Pansy*Member since Apr, 2017

On other sites, there are also so many time wasters (those who aren't serious about buying, but waste your time, dragging you along). I have not had to deal with that here on Scented Pansy. Anyone I've dealt with here is serious, and understands and respects your time. And that in itself is like finding a gold mine.
Deliciously Alee
Deliciously Alee on Scented Pansy*Member since Oct, 2016

I've been in love with the site since I joined. I like keeping track of my sales, the dashboard and tweeting capability. I personally like the customer service most of all. As a consumer, that is most important to me.

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Dirty panties for sale

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Sell your panties with community support

There are lots of men out there that are looking for dirty panties for sale from men and women, but unfortunately the sites they previously used to buy unwashed undies have now been dissolved or otherwise dissappeared. The wording sellers have to use to sell their wet panties and worn underwear have to be written in such a way that you can’t use certain words. This makes it difficult for potential buyers to find what they are looking for. Thankfully there is a site where you can discreetly sell panties to many enthusiasts that are looking for your service. If you have been wondering ‘where can I sell my dirty underwear?’ then your search for used panties for sale is over.

Getting started sometimes can be the most difficult thing to do - we've all been there! To help with this, we've developed a complete guide for selling used panties that is a very useful resource for those users who are just getting started. You can find tips on setting up your account, how to deal with shipping items, what methods of payment are popular for other sellers, and much much more. Head over to the Complete Guide to Selling Used Panties for more info.

Privacy for panty sellers and buyers

Just as much as it is important to ensure the privacy of those looking to sell panties online, it is just as important to keep the quality high by verifying the identity of sellers. The reason for this is to ensure that the underwear comes from a real person. This is necessary to keep the reputation of the site high so that your customers and those of other sellers come back for more! Your details will not be shared with anyone and you can choose a username instead to ensure you get the feedback you deserve. This also enables clients to find you easily for future purchases.

Express your panty fetish freely

The high security measures that keep the identity of those sell used panties safe allow them to be as expressive as they like without the worry of being recognized. Sellers can sell as little or as much as they want on the site without paying a penny in commission fees. Safety is priority number one at Scented Pansy. Come get some hairy panties if you're getting horny!

Sales tools and analytics dashboard

You can find out how much money you are making selling wet panties and what items are your best sellers with ease. The dashboard tools make this possible so that you can add more of the best selling soiled panties for sale or remove those that are not selling as well. You can even save a favorite customer list, just as people can add you to their favorite sellers allowing you to offer discounts on your worn undies for sale to your most valued customers. You can also take advantage of the new feature that Tweets your listing for you directly to Twitter. This creates a great boost in marketability of your wet panty.

Follow top sellers for inspiration

If you have never sold wet panties previously, you can look at the profiles of top sellers to see what is working for them. As new customers join you can keep abreast of changes to the top sellers so that you can alter your own stock accordingly. No more fruitless searches for ‘sell my used panty’ and not knowing where to start. You might even see some men wearing panties too!

Choose your own payment method

You can work out payment methods to those wanting to buy dirty underwear or used bras for sale to suit both you and the buyer allowing you to ship as near or far as you wish. There are many different payment platforms for you to choose from and you are not bound to specific ones as you would be on other sites. Rather than looking around websites looking for buyers with a passion for used underwear or being careful with wording and photographs, join Scented Pansy where you can express yourself freely and give the buyers what they really want without restrictions. No longer do you have to think about ‘where can I sell my hairy panties safely?’ You choose who you want to sell to or not.

Scented Pansy is the premier source for dirty panties, wet panties, and panty fetish items.