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Two played at that game

Selling to a woman for her man

Liz - May 30, 6:51 PM
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Always communicate as clearly as possible!

Expectations from the beginning, and following through with what you say.

Sapphiras - May 23, 1:15 AM
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Behind the Scenes

HurricaneAnnie - May 21, 11:06 AM
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Economically Blond

Panty Selling and a Free Market

MsMonroe932 - May 5, 5:39 PM
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Better safe than sorry

I thought I could trust him/her...

LILLYxxx - Apr 18, 2:07 PM
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Communicate and Service

Communicate Clearly and Get the best customer Service

sexykitty - Mar 14, 1:49 PM
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"Let Our Powers Combine!"

When Sex Work and Personal Life Intertwine

cherryxgarcia - Jan 29, 2:23 PM
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To A Seller By A Seller

A Sellers GuideLine

Alice_Ireland - Jan 28, 3:13 AM
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To scam or not to scam?

This should not even be a question...

admin - Jan 26, 8:19 AM
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My own point of view

fragolina80 - Feb 2, 12:16 AM
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My Body Is My Temple

Knowing Your worth from a sellers perspective

Halinaxxx - Jan 29, 7:27 PM
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The Golden Rule

A Sellers Perspective

Deliciously_Alee - Jan 3, 10:41 AM
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Masked Goddess

The Alter ego that is Sexykitty

sexykitty - Jan 1, 2:32 PM
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How I Use My College Education to Sell My Underwear

1 degree, 2 student loans and 100’s of panties later.

KnaughtyMommyKnickers - Dec 29, 3:07 PM
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Use Your Mouth Baby 👄

Voicing The Expectations You Have and the Experience you Want

Miss Bella Wet - Dec 24, 1:21 AM
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Moon Light's Sexy Things

A Full Service Fetish Business

Moon Light - Dec 22, 9:13 PM
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Confessions of a married woman

Selling my threesome and boyfriend sex panties.

Texas Mystery Woman - Dec 22, 1:45 PM
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Nylon Cubicle

#footfetish #erotica #nylons #stockingtease

admin - Dec 20, 2:53 PM
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Creativity Fuels Sex Life

New British study discovers that an active sex life and creativity may go han...

admin - Dec 14, 11:12 AM
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You're Hot and I Want You

Respect and Self Worth in the Realm Of Sex Work

cherryxgarcia - Dec 16, 1:33 AM