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Carmen's Closet is a Scented Pansy seller since Aug 23, 2018.

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Orange Silky Panty!

Orange Silky Panty!

I love the way the silkiness of these orange panties makes them shine! They're deliciously soft, and they hug my curves nice and tight 😍 If you're looking for a pair that will soak up every bit of my scent, these are for you! 😘 Add on ideas: $5 masturbation, $5 stuffing, $5 additional days, $10 sex in the panties, and $15 creampie in the panties! I'm always open to new add on ideas so just let me know what you have in mind 💋 Includes: 24hour wear, sexy proof photo, and shipping to the US (intl shipping slightly extra)!

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Posted Mar 17, 9:27 AM