Pantyhose Sex

Where there’s humans, there are fetishes. What is a fetish? It is the imparting of an object, person, or behavior with special reverence or sometimes linked to sexual gratification. If you can dream it up, it is a fetish. Dinosaurs in socks? Yes. Cleaning the oven? Yes. Balloons stuffed under one’s shirt to make squeaking sounds of leaking air? Of course. Some of the more run of the mill ones you’ve surely heard about - foot fetish, butt fetish, hair fetish, etc. But count the panty fetish among “normal” fetishes, for there are more men than you think who partake in its charms. That handsome bank teller you flirt with as he puts your money into corporate coffers? He’d love to sniff your well worn panties after a hard day’s play. Why don’t you bring it up to him? Tell him to come over after his shift is up, bring a bottle of sparkling rose, a pork chop and some chocolate wafers and have yourselves a night rolling on your bearskin in front of the roar of your forced air heater.

They may show it in different ways - they might suggest you buy some underwear that isn’t stained, or perhaps some that doesn’t hide much of your womanly anatomy at all, or perhaps they may express themselves by stealing your roommates undies and keeping them in a locked chest in the back of their closet. Fetishes are as varied as the human imagination. Girls in pantyhose is a more subtle approach to sexual exploration.

If you get lucky with pantyhose girls and find your self hoarding up her wet spots and mature pantyhose, if can quickly fill your clothes drawer. Then what can you do? You have to go and buy up a custom dresser to store your tremendous cache of stocking sex and dirty articles of clothing. It can become a personal treasure chest of mens pantyhose and creampie panties things. Make sure you dry up any of the wet ones so they store properly. If they remain wet they can become over run with mold and other bad nasty things. Keep plenty of fans and ventilation going. If you lick the cum on pantyhose it usually summons your coveted scent once more. Jacking is not the same without your pantyhose pictures and porn.