kik Sexting !!!

kik Sexting !!!

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$ 15

Horny ? Cum play with me 💦I'll be open to any fantasy that you wish... push me to my limit!!! OH wait, I don't have one ;) $1 per minute (MINIMUM of 15 minutes) and just for $5 extra, I'll send you 2 photos of any part of my body that you wish!!! ( I will not be showing my face under any circumstances ) ***SCHEDULING AND PAYMENT COMES FIRST!!! I am usually available most days by 7pm and on, Eastern time*** 💖

kik sexting horny cum play

Price: 15 USD

Payments accepted: Circle Pay, Square cash, Cash app.

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USA. I will not be pressured into revealing my exact location. Please be respectful of my wishes as I am respectful of yours <3 Troublemakers will be blocked.
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