Buy my Lush

Buy my Lush

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$ 120

Buy me a Lush and control my orgasms! If you buy this sweet vibrator for me, I'll do 4 kik sessions 30 mins long, with pictures and a video of you bringing me to toe curling orgasm. Don't have enough to cover the whole thing but want to help a girl out? $15 gets you my fishnet photo set, and a picture of me using my new toy when I get it. $30 gets you a 25 min kik session with 2 photos $50 gets you a 25 min kik session with 2 photos, a short clip, and the pair of panties I was wearing while we play.

lush toy play spoil me masturbatuoj video kik

Price: 120 USD

Payments accepted: Google Wallet, Amazon Gift Card

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