Why Scented Pansy Has the Best Review System

Why Scented Pansy Has the Best Review System

I'd like to preface this by saying I'm currently selling on three sites total and have left two others this year already. Also hi, I'm River and this is my second go-round selling since 2019, Scented Pansy was the first site I ever made a sale on and was my go-to when I returned. I've been back selling since January 2021 and I've been lucky enough to be successful this time! 

If I had to choose just one site to sell on right now, the review system would play a huge part in that decision so after some thought and some research, I landed right back at Scented Pansy. Here's why! 

In order to leave a review whether you are a seller or a buyer on Scented Pansy, there has to be a transaction. Can people fake those? Sure. I've learned most don't bother. Another well-known site I'm on any seller can leave a review for any buyer and vice versa. BUT, BUT no matter how many transactions there are through that site you can only leave ONE review. 

Let's talk about that for a moment. I have an excellent example. I have a buyer who has a monthly used panty subscription with me and has since January. He gets dirty panties from me every month but could only leave a review for the first ones and I can only leave one review for him instead of the monthly ones he deserves! 

Now if he bought through Scented Pansy he could leave me a review every month! As a seller reviews are a huge part of the recipe for success. They are also a really good way for us to decide if we want to work with a buyer. I know some sellers aren't as diligent as I am about checking reviews but I'm not just checking your score! What else am I looking at? Let's dive in! 

First thing is, do you have any bad reviews and if so, do I think they were warranted? I'm aware that sometimes we have bad reviews we haven't earned but I don't see this on Scented Pansy often. Another site I'm on I feel like I'm constantly disputing a negative review left by a disgruntled buyer who I simply told "No". Because you can leave anyone any review on that site, buyers and sellers alike use reviews as weapons and it's a messy war. This is why I say, is your bad review warranted? 

The second thing I look for is what do your reviews say you are most interested in. For example, say you have awesome reviews but they are mostly for sexting. Well, sexting is something I don't offer and if I don't see reviews for things I DO offer, I try not to waste the buyer's time or my own. 

The third and final important piece of information I can find is how long has it been since you bought? If you have been on a site for a long time with a few reviews and your last one is from ten months ago, are you really interested in buying? It's unlikely but I'll use this information to ask you upfront before walking away! 

In conclusion, if I had to choose just one site based on the review system and the fairness of the site when it comes to reviews today it would be Scented Pansy. I'm glad I have options and I realize we all do. Maybe this article will help new sellers decide where their money is best invested! 

Why Scented Pansy Has the Best Review System