Jul 07, 2022
Top Avoidable Mistakes Panty Sellers Make

Top Avoidable Mistakes Panty Sellers Make

and how to skip these phases

Everyone is a newbie at some point and everyone goes through that same initiation phase where you’re overloaded with scammers, scammy-sounding buyers who actually do buy things, time wasters, and everything in between. So how are you supposed to weed through all this to actually get some orders and make some money? 

While you learn as you go, one way or the other, there’s a couple guidelines new sellers can follow to help reduce some of those initial growing pains. As you find your niche, you’ll figure out your own boundaries and where you’re willing to be flexible, but if you’re lost and don’t know where to start, maybe these can give you some direction.

  1. Don’t ever begin an order without payment. I take back what I said, this stands for new and veteran sellers. You’re probably thinking, why would I ever do that? And while this may be obvious, it’s something that does need to be said. Some legit buyers are wary after being scammed and it’s understandable, but if you’re brand new to the panty selling game, keep yourself safe and let ‘em know upfront payment is non-negotiable for new buyers. 
  2. Letting a buyer dictate your prices. Another obvious one here that gets a little more         convoluted when you’re talking to a buyer you feel a connection with. Again, #notallbuyers but one way newbies ares taken advantage of are by “long-time buyers” who “just want to help” you navigate selling. It’s one thing to take a buyer’s opinion into consideration, but it’s another to provide freebies or heavy discounts in exchange for this “advice”. 
  3. To piggy back off of that, don’t let yourself be pushed past your boundaries. Some buyers, and not just the time wasters, will try to coax a seller to agree to something in an order that they’re not comfortable with. This is honestly a lose-lose situation; the seller may feel degraded instead of comfortable and able to actually enjoy themselves, leaving the buyer with less than enthusiastic content. Bottom line: no amount of money is worth forcing yourself past your limits. 

These recommendations extend into all aspects of selling! This is YOUR shop and no one but you make the rules! The buyer who said you have to sell customs to be successful? That snarky seller who DM’d about your prices? Nah, you’re not here for them. You have a demographic and all that negativity isn’t it. 

It can be isolating when you’re first starting out and have your first, or one of your first, disgruntled customers go off the deep end and start DMing insults. And I get it, it feels so personal. You’ve put yourself out there and even with all your vulnerability, here’s this person talking crazy to you. I know it can be hard, but you just can’t engage in these exchanges. I’ll admit I haven’t always followed that advice, but bullies didn’t disappear after school ended - they grew up and walk among us every day.

But there’s no reason you have to go through it all until you’re jaded - do your research! On this site alone, there are SO many advice articles written by sellers on the site in addition to the wide-ranging discussions on the SP Forum. Looking for even more perspective? Podcasts, blogs, videos…the information is out there! And no, you don’t need to pay for this information either.  

There’s also no reason you have to do it alone if you don’t want to. Did you come here looking for that sense of community? There are a handful of groups that are seller-ran that can be an awesome source of support for those looking for it. 

Not to say we all have to hold hands and sing Kumbaya around the campfire though either. No matter how far you’ve delved into the industry, it’s work that requires thick skin and there’s just no getting around that! 

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Top Avoidable Mistakes Panty Sellers Make