Jan 07, 2023
Straight 4 Trans

Straight 4 Trans

Big dreams

So here goes, I am a straight man, I'm not gay, never been with a man, never want to be, the only dick I've ever had in my hand is mine. I love me some big ole tittie's, soft hands, and a nice body, I love beautiful long as there is a fat cock attached to her, seriously I have it bad, and want it good, I've never been with a trans woman, never had anal , so I'm a virgin essentially.
However lately I've had a sexual fantasy that I really want to happen..... I think 🤔.

I want to be loved, caressed, gangbanged, run through, used, I want my holes stretched out by as many beautiful she cocks as possible I'm talking like 10 to 12 , wait that's 24 tits I like those odds, seriously I want my asshole and my mouth and my throat and my hands to be stuffed at all times, I start sucking soft dicks two and three at a time (remember I got 12 of these beautiful trannies) if that cock isn't in my mouth it's in my hand and surely going right back in my mouth, now I feel the limp dicks getting hard in my mouth, and I devour as many as possible until they're so hard and big I can feel my greedy mouth being stretched out and my throat being stuffed, so I suck this first round of dicks real good.

I've got trannies eating my ass and sucking my dick as I'm being fed their gurl meat, the one dick that's harder than the rest that's been fucking my face disappears as another one takes its place I still got a mouthful and two hands full. 

Then I feel something warm and hard pressed against my back door,I've never had my asshole fucked before, but my virgin ass is tight, but my big dick beauty know what to do, slow and easy and then I feel my hole open ever so slightly and I can feel the head of her dick coming in just a little bit before she pulls out does it again, she teases me like that a few more times just give me the tip and then pull it out then she buries her bone to the hilt the pain of the cock going into my ass makes me catch my breath"oh my God it hurts" but the pain is fleeting and soon turns into pleasure beyond this girl's slowly slides her shaft in and out of my hole, it feels amazing but I want more I spit the two dicks that are in my mouth out long enough to ask this bitch if that's all she's got, then suddenly she buries her bone all the way to the balls her dick fills up my guts and then she starts jackhammering my asshole like a mad woman sometimes pulling out all the way just to send it all the way back in straight to the hilt. 

She'd pull it out eat my asshole while another beauty is sucking my dick and another one's licking my balls, she goes back and starts abusing my hole when I feel a little extra pressure it's another cock knocking on my back door it enters,now I've got two beautiful cocks in my ass, and that makes me realize just how tight my little virgin asshole is, but I can't help but Wonder can I get another one in there? 

Spend another cock out of my mouth tell her to grab some lube and join the party it's going on around back, lubed up her meat monsters heading towards my entrance I feel the pressure and then I feel the third cock entering and stretching my ass the pain is sooo good, my moans and groans from having my hole stuffed x 3 match up perfectly to the gagging and slurping, of the cocks that I'm force feeding myself the moans and groans just make for a great Hummer for the cocks that are in my mouth he ecstasy goes on and on my mouth and ass are both getting fucked at the same time as I'm getting my dick sucked by three or four very hungry trannies, so ask the three girls that have their dicks in my mouth they want to feel my tight hole it's not as tight as it was anymore but it's still tight these girls aren't even fucking my ass anymore.

I'm pushing back on it I want the dick I'm riding these cocks like a madman when I feel I'm pulling out of my ass one at a time making room for the next round of beauties, the girls that were just camped out in my ass start to wipe my blood and juices from their shafts I scream at them"wait what are you doing?" I wanted to taste me on them, I want some ass to mouth action, the girls flipped me over onto my back, I got one beauty holding each one of my legs damn near almost to my ears, my head hangs off the bed backwards, and I see the three soiled cocks aimed right for my mouth and throat these girls don't even bother one at a time they just come up and force feed me all three of their shitty cocks and just go right to face fucking me the girls behind me are playing a little game now they're seeing who can do what to make me scream the loudest or give me the most pleasure

The monster cock girl won I could feel her cock tickling my spine above my stomach can I hear some moans coming out of one of the girls and she starts fucking my ass a little harder than the others"oh my God oh fuck yeah oh yeah be a good boy take this cock , oh your virgin asshole feels so good wrapped around my thick cock"she says her moans then get louder as she pounds me faster and harder till I feel every inch of her girth fill me up as she lets out a moan of ecstasy I feel her Hot load explode in my insides right about then one of the dicks in my mouth and one of them that's in my ass start doing that familiar pump and groan these girls are fucking my mouth and ass so hard my lips hurt my jaw hurts my throat hurts.

But I still want more the bones get louder the pumps get harder and faster they're kissing each other as they're destroying my holes while I have my legs held up, and then I feel it a hot explosion in each one of my holes, the spent women start fooling around with each other and make room for the next round of cocks to stretch my once virgin asshole and fuck my wanting mouth and throat, then another one of the cocks that was in my ass starts pounding faster and I hear the groans of ecstasy, as she pulls out and busts her nut all over my belly, after she cums she shoves it back in my ass real hard kind of playfully as she looks me in the eyes and smiles, and tells me I have the tightest pussy she's ever fucked. 

Now I've still got cocks destroying my throat when I feel one of the girls grab one of my legs flip me on my side one leg up gives the old Hammer a little spit and wipes some of the jizz off my belly and lubes up my asshole with it, then I feel her entering my hole slowly... Too slowly so I reach back behind her grab a handful of ass and start making her pound my ass hard and fast but I can't help thinking that there's something missing, so I spit out one of the beautiful cocks that is fucking my face and order her to double penetrate my tight hole, as she pulls her girth out of my mouth it's swiftly stuffed with another and this girl means business she's fucking my face so hard and fast shoving her cock so far down my throat the gagging noise is making all the dicks in the room hard again this girl is aggressively Force feeding me her cock. 

I'm choking and gagging, slobber running down my face, tears coming out of my eyes, my mouth is red and puffy from the wear and tear I don't even want to know what my butthole looks like...... Or is going to look like I'm probably going to develop calluses on my hand from jerking off so many dicks for so long, I'm still on my side with my leg up rested on her shoulder and she's drilling into my asshole I got another hottie  down sucking my dick as I'm getting my ass and my mouth double penetrated in unison once again, one cock pulls out of my ass to give the other a right of way she starts pumping me hard and fast screaming oh God and she's pinching and pulling on her nipples and playing with her tits, she screams I'm going to cum.

I'm going to cum, I told her not to cum in my ass but to pull out and cum on my asshole, she pulls that glorious shaft out of my asshole and glazes it like a Krispy Kreme, now the load that she left on my butthole can be used as lube for the next cocks that go into my hungry hole, I feel one of the cocks yet again in my ass is starting to swell and throb coming to climax this girl is beautiful, perfect tits, long red hair, perfect body, big old schlong massaging my prostate, I don't know if I can hold it any longer I feel like I'm about to explode, just as she's about to blow her wad in my asshole, I asked you to take her shitty dick and put it in my mouth I want to taste her cum my shit and her cock all at the same time, the taste, essence and aroma of lube, shit and cum mixed with a little blood and spit is surprisingly wonderful.
I take her shaft all the way to the neck without question or hesitations I parked that hard cock in my throat hole and just kept it there as I was gagging and choking I could feel the Hot load hit the back of my throat and slide down my esophagus I thought it was going to come out of my nose like milk, the cock that replaced the one in my asshole prior is really long as it's pounding my rim I swear that the cock in my mouth and the cock in my ass are going to touch tips in my throat, it feels so amazing, they stopped making out with each other and start whispering something to each other, all the sudden my holes are void of any pounding flesh, these ladies flipped me over on my back as just one girl. 

Eased her fucking huge cock into my well worn asshole I swear it's got to be black and blue, when all of a sudden another one of my girls stands over me and aims my cock right at her glorious beautiful butthole, as she squats down I can start feeling the heat and then I feel her tight little brown hole expand and squeeze around my cock, she's slowly slides down the length of my cock pauses at the bottom gives out a little oooooohh then slides back up, and starts going faster and getting a pretty good rhythm, as she enjoys her pounding, another one of my big dick beauties stands and is hovering above my face, she squats down facing the other girl who's riding my cock.

Lets me eat her asshole and suck her balls at the same time every once in awhile slide that shaft into my mouth and down my throat and go back and let me lick her balls and butthole some more, while kissing and playing with the other girls tittie's, these ladies are about to cum, and so am I, but being the generous lover that I am I can't get off before these ladies do. The beauty that's rooted in my ass pulls out walks over to the other girl that's riding my face with her taint and butthole whispers once again something in her ear they both smile the girl takes the other girl's cock and starts sucking it, the girl that's riding my face now shoves her cock down my throat it starts fucking my face once again the giant cock it's filling my throat hole is starting to grow and pulse she's only seconds away from showering my Tonsils with her  cum the other girl that's fucking her face is about to cum too.

She's fucking her face hard she tenses up let's a loud groan loose, the girl riding my face all the sudden stops and buries the full length of a cock in my throat I can't breathe I'm choking on girl cock and cum, I can hear the other girl groaning and climax and she stops and buries her cock in the other girl's mouth and she didn't spill a drop of cum she swallowed every last bit or so I thought, I was too busy with my tongue buried in her asshole, now I'm about to cum while the other girls going to town on my dick.

I can feel the explosion coming,.... Ooh... God... Ooh fuck yeah now these girls know how to suck a dick every last drop .......or so I thought now we're all just laying in a pile of limbs and dicks and balls and boobs I mean this is a serious cuddle puddle everyone's making out and kissing when the last two girls came up to me and kissed me at the same time and both of them spit a load of cum into my mouth it seemed so right in the throws of passion we just continued kissing and making out sharing each other's cum in and out of our mouths licking it off at each other's bodies, we all laid there enjoying each other and enjoying each other a little more like a group of deviants for the rest of the night and on into the morning.
Straight 4 Trans