Jun 19, 2022
Risky Business: Top Red Flags for Buyers

Risky Business: Top Red Flags for Buyers

Picture this: New seller account. Not verified, but a handful of listings show you they’ve at least paid for premium. Not any pictures or really any information listed in their bio besides their Cashapp. Listing descriptions are essentially nonexistent, but you think it looks like it’s probably the same ass in all the listing photos. So you think, fuck it. Gotta risk it for the biscuit! And you send this person money only to find they’ve ghosted you. 

Sound familiar? Scamming is something that affects buyers of all status. Whether you’ve been buying online for years and just trying to finds something new or a newbie who doesn’t know what to watch out for, it’s an issue across the board. 

We do our best to keep scammers off the site, but here are some ways to keep yourself safe. There’s no way to guarantee a scam account will have all of these red-flags to notify you, sometimes you’ll have to trust your gut. But hopefully these warnings save from getting burned!

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  1. Non-Premium Seller Account
This is one of the biggest red flags out there! Only premium sellers accounts can add listings to their shop and if someone is here to sell, they’ll be adding listings! A non-premium seller account asking to move off-site to figure out order details or refuses to make a listing should be a no go every time. If for no other reason than our support staff can only help dispute on-site orders with an order number. 

2. Unverified Seller Account
SP asks that all users be ID Verified to help keep scams to a minimum, but also for the safety of all users on the site. While some of the more “advanced” scammers may have verified their ID, most scam accounts will be unverified.  

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3. Zero Reviews 

To leave a review on the site, it requires a listing to be ordered and at least marked sold. So if a user has no reviews or listings, what is that really telling you?! Reviews are the backbone of any seller’s page, and that’s missing? That should be setting off alarm bells!

4. No or Minimal Photos

The general scammer page will be pretty bare. No or very short bio, few listings and photos, if any. Scammers are inherently lazy (hence the scamming) and will use a photo they found online as their profile pic, but don’t have any others to be able to add any photos. Some profiles may even have photos of different people! Do your research before you send anyone any money! And don’t forget to make sure your order is linked to a listing on the site ;)

5. Too Good To Be True

Sure, all seller accounts are going to have their share of hi-res, professional looking photos. And yes, some have some pretty hefty discounts in their sales. But for the most part, if you’re looking at an unverified profile with a couple photos that look like they’re a professional porn star and they’re offering services at a super low price? If it looks like a duck, smells like a duck, sounds like a duck… probably a duck. 

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So what should you do when you see these accounts? Go ahead and click that Block/Report button in the top right of their profile and let us know! 

Read more about avoid scams here!

Risky Business: Top Red Flags for Buyers