Nov 02, 2021
Ocean Vacation in Carolina

Ocean Vacation in Carolina

By CelticLover - The Early Years


   It was a  relatively quiet afternoon in Kill Devil Hills that August. Jane and I were vacationing at the ocean in North Carolina that year. We needed the break from city life and the constant working. Ahh! This is better than filing reports in the office, Jane sighs. Yeah, the boys back at the shop are gonna realize just how much harder it is without me, I reply. Will you rub some sunscreen on my back honey, she asks. You bet I will, I reply. We were virtually alone on the sand as I looked around taking off my sunglasses, as if that would help me see better. Jane, my wife, was a stunning brunette, long straight hair that she had pulled up on top of her head, exposing her lovely face and lily white shoulders. The sun was beginning to cause us both to turn a bit pink now. Turn over baby, I instructed. She happily complied. Wow Janie! You look so sexy in your new suit, I gushed. Thank you handsome, she said with a grin.

   We had gone shopping for bathing suits the weekend before coming to the ocean. I quickly found a navy blue pair of shorts for myself, but it took several stops before my girl was satisfied with her little lime bikini. I started slathering the coppertone on her shoulders, working it into her delicate skin. Mmm! Feels nice! She purred like a contented kitten. As I massaged the fragrant cream on her, my mind went back to the department store last week. Here, look at this one! She excitedly said. Which one? You have two in your hands, I said. Both silly! was her reply. Well then, I like both, I answer. I'm going to try them on. She says heading over to the dressing rooms. Looking both ways to see if anyone was looking, I followed her on in. Jerry! You're not supposed to be in here, she says. Nobody is out there, besides I love watching you baby, I whisper. She gives me that smile where one eyebrow is raised higher than the other. Well sit there quietly, she says softly. 

   Her clothes come off quickly. I'll do the pink one first, she says to herself as if I weren't even there. Her body was and is mesmerizing to me. Jane's breasts are small 32A, but they are perfectly shaped with pink, succulent nipples that sat, as Bob Seger sang...Way up firm & high...Watching her always caused a stirring in my pants, and this was no exception. Her hips shapely, her tummy, flat with a beautiful navel that I loved to kiss. She, stepped into the little pink bottoms, eyeing herself, turning every which way in the floor length mirror. Top on next. Fasten me dear, she says softly. I did as she wished saying, See, what would you have done if I weren't here. She smiled at me with a naughty twinkle in her eye. I'd have managed alright, she said mischievously. But I'm glad you're here, she whispers. That bottom barely covers your pubic hair, I mention quietly, fondling her luscious ass cheeks thru the fabric, pulling her into my lap, kissing her on her soft, fragrant neck. Jerry! Not here! Snap out of it! I hear her shout.

   At that moment I was brought back to the beach. You're daydreaming love! Jane cocks her head lowering her Wayfarers looking at me with the most gorgeous brown eyes I've ever seen. Sorry dear, I said apologizing. I think you used half the bottle on my shoulders, she laughingly says. I started down her back and legs, rubbing furiously, as I returned to the dressing room in my thoughts. Not now, not yet, she whispers. I released her ass from my kneading grip and she slipped into the lime suit. My cock already bulging in my trousers. Jane resumed her posing in the mirror. I liked everything I saw. You are stunning baby! I remark. You like this one, she asked. You bet I do! I reply. She saw my raging boner between my legs and exclaimed, Mr Happy approves I see! She and I both quietly laughed.

   Jane dropped to her knees, reaching to free my now throbbing cock from my confining khaki's. A quickie for my man, she says as she shoots me a naughty grin. I'm always ready girl, you know that, I whisper lustily, looking around the small dressing room. She takes my member in her small hands and begins licking, stroking, my manhood expertly. I moan lightly, keeping an eye on the curtain. I could occasionally see someone walk past quickly to one of the other rooms. That fact only excited me more. Jane too, I believe. The potential of getting caught was in itself exciting. Oh My! I exclaimed as she took me fully into her mouth. Sucking, licking me hungrily. I sighed deeply, feeling the intense pleasure she was giving me. I took the back of her head into both hands now. My hips couldn't help but to begin thrusting into her warm, wet mouth. Oh baby! I sigh. I-I'm getting close! Her right hand worked on my balls, heightening my pleasure as her left moved my shaft like a piston. Her mouth felt so good. Pressure was now welling up in my loins. Ohh! Girrl! I moaned. I grabbed her head as I was just about to climax and pulled her hair as I shot my full load into her waiting, warm mouth!

   Girrrl! I managed, someone walked by again. Jane lifted herself, grabbed her clothes off the hook and quickly changed back while I tucked my now softening cock back in and zipped up.  I started to open the curtain to see if it was safe and it was, we then made a hasty exit. Jane quickly followed silently. She hurriedly put the skimpy pink number back on the rack and we headed for the register to pay. Hmm, she mumbles unintelligibly. I turn around to see Jane standing directly behind me smiling with her mouth closed. She looked around, glancing both ways and slowly opened her mouth slightly revealing a mouthful of my thick white cum!

   May I help you sir? I heard a female voice behind me. Jane swallowed, raising a hand to her mouth simultaneously as if stifling a cough. Yes, I answer turning around, I'd like to purchase this bikini, I said as I removed my wallet. Glancing at Jane as the sales clerk swiped my credit card, she smiled holding back a grin as our eyes met.
Oh Jerry? You left me again. Something on your mind dear? She asks. Yes Baby! I replied. What may that be? she insists. Oh Girl! I got lost thinking about our secret tryst at Woodies last week. You sucking me off in the dressing room and then swallowing my cum! Dang woman! Here I am, slathering your perfect body with lotion on the beach with a raging hard-on! I exclaim.

   Oh Jerry! We had a great time didn't we? she says. Yes love we sure did, I chuckled. She turned over on her back. Jane reaches over and takes a hold of my hard cock and squeezes it. I'll fix that for you honey, she says with a laugh. I loved my woman! I loved her laugh! I loved her eagerness for sex! She has never put me off for any reason. You take care of a rare woman like her! Hey sweetheart, I begin. I owe YOU an orgasm! This blanket is large. the umbrella will provide some cover, and there is no one in sight, I explain. I didn't wait for a reply but leaned in for a kiss. Our mouths met open, eager, hungry for each other. Our tongues swirled together. Mmm! we both moaned. I slid a hand under her top reaching a nipple with two fingers. Jane sighed, It feels so good baby! She coo's. We continued kissing, licking, sucking on each other in turn. I pulled the outer blanket over our lower half and slid down and under it concealing my head and her lower half somewhat. 

   Oh man, I exclaimed as I eyed her sexy form laying before my hungry gaze! I could smell sex and coconut, I chuckled. Slowly I slid her bikini bottoms down to only one ankle. Her pussy was perfectly trimmed. Jane's black triangle beckoned me forward! Her legs were already spread for my access. I kissed her belly lowering myself towards the top of her delicious pussy, positioning myself on the blanket underneath us. Her lips were already moist, parted as if anticipating my tongue! I began by licking her in the middle of her cunt, working my tongue inside, tasting all of her goodness. Moving up circling, teasing her lovely clit with my wet mouth and tongue. Ohh! Jerry! Right there she exclaimed. I found our rhythm and continued pleasuring her wonderful pudding!

   OhOhOh! she moaned. Jane grabbed my bobbing head in both of her hands, pulling me into her deliciousness! Her hips gyrated as I licked her now dripping wet pussy, her hands pulling on my hair. I ran my left hand under her now loose top massaging her well lubricated titties.  With my right hand free I slid my middle finger into her wetness easily, pleasuring her G spot as I lapped, and sucked on her delightfully luscious clit! Ohhh! I-I'm going to comeee! She cries. I continued...She moaned and pressed her pudding into my hungry mouth. I could feel her climax building! Jane responded eagerly to my touch, her lovely frame moving in the throes of ecstasy beneath me! Her torso arched upward, her legs trembling, cunt spasming on my finger! Ohh Baby! Baby! She grunted as her small frame shook and convulsed. I continued to lick as she moaned, trembled, then slowly she laid back in smoldering contentment.

   I, still under cover of blanket, took my cock in hand and surveyed the surroundings, head now popping out from the covers. I could see a small group in the distance heading in our direction. Another family walking about 70 yards over the dune moving our way. You going to come inside me, Jerry? She asks, oblivious that we had company coming. No time for that, I said. Now wanking my stiff cock furiously under the blanket! I was past the point of no return! Way too excited to stop. I could hear the voices as they neared. Are we alone, Jane nervously asks. No! We got company, I blurt out. I looked once more at my wife's glorious body, taking in the magnificent sight as my cock suddenly under tremendous pressure, reaching a plateau of excitement, exploded, shooting my thick, large load all over her belly and thighs! Oh Girl! I cry out collapsing beside her, completely spent.

   That was a close call! I exclaimed. We both laughed together at our daring moment. We sat there, catching our breath momentarily and as if on cue, people began spreading blankets nearby. We had the beach alone when we needed it.  As we both quickly situated ourselves for a more family-friendly environment, I playfully rubbed my hot cum all over my girl's belly and thighs like it was sunscreen. After a few minutes of silly play like two kids we sat up, brushing sand out of the way, Jane wistfully says, Well you paid me back for last weekend my love! That was an incredible orgasm! Thank you for giving me the opportunity, it's always my pleasure dear, I answered.   We ran toward the surf hand in hand and washed off together, kissing, enjoying ourselves immensely, vowing to return next summer. We're picking out swimsuits again next year together right baby? I tease. You bet we are darling, and trying them on in the dressing room! She said with a grin, pulling her hand over her mouth...


Ocean Vacation in Carolina