Nov 02, 2021
Making Beautiful Art Together

Making Beautiful Art Together

By CelticLover

I found myself enjoying my new home just outside Sandwich Massachusetts in Barnstable County. That summer I spent quite a bit of time enjoying nearby Saginaw Beach on Cape Cod Bay. As a young boy I spent many of my summers on the bay with my uncles and cousins who were professional fishermen. We would get up well before the sun rose and worked the lobster pots and chum lines as it set well into early evening. It was without a doubt the hardest work I had ever experienced to this very day.


Much respect to those rugged men. The hardest part was the quahogging with the long tongs. Backbreaking labor. A gorgeous day, I thought as I drove down highway 6 towards Yarmouth. I saw a little shop that I pulled into that had a sign out for food. I filled up my tank out in front and went in to pay. Mom and pop place, I noted. “Hi there,” I said to the nice looking older lady behind the counter.


“That be all,” she responds. “I'd like a grinder to go, everything on it, and a cherry tonic,” I said. “Sam!” she shouted behind her. “A grinder fully dressed!” “Ok dear!” he yelled back in response. After paying and moving the car, I pulled to the side where there were some picnic tables and decided to make the most of the lovely weather. Still exploring the area, I took many a long ride just sight-seeing.


As I finished up I noticed a large barn at an angle just up the street that had more than a few cars parked over there. Pulling out after finishing up I decided to investigate the place. Art for sale, the sign read. I meandered into a place that appeared to be a haven for local painters and sculptors to sell their goods. Many separate stalls inside featured nautical themes common to the Cape. I chatted with a few artists as I browsed through the expansive place.


In the back I spotted a really nice acrylic painting of a beach scene featuring some sand and beautiful waves. As I stared at the amazing piece, I heard a female voice behind me ask if I liked it. “Yes!” I responded, turning to see who spoke with me, a most gorgeous brunette stood inches from me smiling broadly. Somewhat flustered, not expecting to come face to face with a woman so attractive, all I could manage was “Hi!” “You should buy that.” she says still smiling.


“I-I should?” I said looking into her deep brown eyes. “How much?” I said casually. “$600.00” she noted without breaking her smile. “Six...six hundred?” I stammered, trying not to look a fool. “Well, it took me a week to finish.” she notes proudly. “You are the artist?” I queried. “Yes, My name is Ariana” she said extending her hand. “I'm Jerry,” I replied. “Nice to meet you Jerry,” she said again smiling. “Please, take a look around,” she said waving her arm towards her shop.


I looked about at her work as she engaged another potential buyer. This gal was a talented artist. I saw both acrylic as well as works in watercolor. I really could use some artwork to add some charm to my almost bare cape cod style house, I thought. 600 bucks...”Daaang!” “A bit much to drop on a painting,” my cheap ass said mumbling to myself. Glancing over, Ariana looked so beautiful as she spoke to a couple about her work. I couldn't help noticing she was tall for a woman, 5' 7 or 8, I guessed. Still short for my 6' 5” frame.


“Niceee ass,” I noted. Her body was so well proportioned. I walked up as the couple was leaving and we chatted for almost two hours. “Ariana, I need some of your art for my new place,” I continued... “Are you new to this area Jerry?” she queries. “Yes I'm originally from Washington, DC.” I said. “Oh, that's a ways off,” she says raising an eyebrow. “I have relatives here and decided to settle some place nice,” I reply. “About that painting”...”You really like it?” she asks. “Seriously?” “I really do,” I replied smiling.


“I could let it go for $525” she says hoping for a sale. “I am leaving for the day in a few minutes. We close here at 4:00pm on Saturday's,” she informs me. I couldn't help but think, these artists bring so much to our lives in what they spend hours doing, and most literally work just to stave off hunger. “Sad,” I mused. “I want it!” I said reaching into my wallet. I handed her $600 dollars and she attempted to give me change. “No!” I quickly said. “I know this sounds tacky, but how about $600 dollars and you let me buy you dinner?” I said hoping for a yes.


“Why Jerry! You Washingtonians move rather fast seeing we just met!” she said grinning. “I-I know Ariana, please forgive my forwardness, You...I”...”Well, I know a place we can get some good seafood at,” she says without hesitation. “Good then!” I reply, relieved the awkwardness dissipated quickly. After following her for awhile, we pulled into a place off Tupper road called Captain Scott's. I ordered cod and she had some shrimp. We both enjoyed a garden salad and split a lobster roll.


Ariana was a nice find for me that day, I recall looking back. A stunning woman indeed! She was the typical artist type though...A brilliant mind but just a tad odd. She had informed me she had a few relationships that hadn't worked out for her, and I think the last one left her a bit insecure. She spent most of her time between her studio in Popponesset Island where she rented a place next to a lighthouse overlooking the water. I bought two smaller paintings from her over the next few weeks and a wooden lighthouse her friend at the barn gallery had made. Nice addition to my end table.



Summer wore on and we spent more time together. I had a strong crush on Ariana, but still could not discern her feelings about me. Often I would pop in on her as she painted in her studio loft. One evening I came over with some Chinese take out that we shared. When the mood hit her, and it often did, she would work as if I weren't even there. I was OK with that. Her loft was a good sized apartment. Most taxing was the trek up the stairs. Upon opening the front door, there were paintings she had done either by commission or just when the inspiration hit her, lining the wall. Some still drying. She just propped them up all around the place. I had to be careful not to knock any of them over. Ariana had a refrigerator and a gas range in one corner and her bed and dresser in the other. A small shower and commode in the middle.


The floors were unfinished wood. The ceilings were unusually high which made it actually look like a studio. I take it that before she moved in it was just an attic for the owners storage needs, who had converted it for her to stay in. She had mentioned they were her family's distant relatives. Not a bad place really. The perfect place for an artist to work. One whole side, overlooking the water was covered in old single pane glass windows, heavily framed and covered in lead paint, that swung down and allowed the salty evening breeze to come refreshingly in. The light, depending on the time of day was spectacular.


Ariana had complained once about not having enough paper to do her large body art on. I asked what she meant and she explained as she demonstrated by opening cans of some type of paint she had mixed herself. Placing a sheet of heavy paper fastened at each end by a tack on the floor, she splashed different colors on the sheet and then walked barefoot into it. She also invited me to place my handprints in the colorful concoction. “It's fun!” she says delighted at the outcome. “How do we get this off?” my concerned reply “In the bathroom shower silly,” she replies. “It's water based,” she notes. “I will leave it till morning and it will dry,” she says smiling at her efforts.


We finished our Chinese sitting on a couple of wooden chairs, and I left for home. The next afternoon I went to pay a visit to Sunderland Printing Co in Hyannis to see if I could buy some 23x35” sheets of vellum bristol paper. They were gracious to sell me a carton. I used to own my own shop in the DC area some time ago. I had a Heidelberg and worked with a number a artists doing limited edition prints and such. I took a fall off a Komori scaffold and it retired me rather quickly. “Anyways, how in the Hell will I get this up to Ariana's studio?” I pondered after heading in her direction. Cross that bridge when I get there.


After arriving I took my pocket knife and opened an end and took a maybe 60 sheets at a time up and down the stairs. She was ecstatic. “This is great Jerry!” she shouted literally jumping for joy. We each carried the rest in and she went back to painting on her easel as the sun set through the window panes. I put the paper back into the carton neatly for her. Odd I say...There she was absorbed into her work. Ariana on a stool, facing away from me towards her canvas. She wore only cotton panties and what looked like a man's oxford shirt. She would get up go for a glass of water and return, tits spilling out, ass in full view as she bent over to pick a brush up off the floor. Totally oblivious to my presence, or so I thought.


As she painted I saw on her floor her laundry basket. On top were a pair of her worn panties. Looking at her ass as she dabbed away, my cock grew stiff. My mind now racing, desire taking hold, I slipped back to pick up her panty from the basket. I raised it to my nose and inhaled her feminine scent. “Nice!” I thought. I quickly returned it keeping my eyes on her for fear of getting caught. I walked up to a spot behind her. She turned and said, “I'm finished for the evening Jerry.” “I-I, Umm, I guess I should go now Ariana.” “Please don't leave,the sun is so beautiful as it sets,” she says turning to raise the glass panes back up, shutting the windows one at a time, reaching high to close each latch. Her panty covered ass was on full display as her shirt rode up on all four windows.


My cock was fully hard inside my confining jeans, as I bent slightly over trying to find relief. “You like my panties Jerry?” she asked coyly, startling me. “I saw you sniffing them in the reflection,” she states as she unbuttons the only two places her shirt was attached. “I, well, I was”...She stepped forward and our mouths met each other open, warm, and wet. “I want you Ariana,” I say lustily. “I want all of you!” I insist as I pull her into me. Our tongues tasted each other and swirled together as we kissed passionately, intensely. I sucked on her extended tongue and she on mine.


Her hand grasped my belt buckle, undoing it as she dropped to her knees. “Oh my! You are so hard!” she exclaims, freeing my rigid tool from my shorts. “Let's see, since you refused money for that nice paper you brought me, I'll give you something in return,” she giggles. Without any complaint from me she takes my cock in her hands moving the shaft up and down while licking up and down each side. My hands gently take her head on each side as she now engulfs the head into her warm mouth. I sigh loudly at the pleasure she is giving me.


Ariana looks up at me as I move in and out of her mouth. Her lips excite me as I watch her suck my cock eagerly. “Ohh!” “Baby!” “I'm close girl!” I cry. In and out I slide in her mouth as my load builds to the point of no return. Pumping myself into her gripping mouth had me to the point of exploding. I rocked back and forth into her as I cried “Arianaaaaa!” My come spasmed out in waves of intense ecstasy as she took it all in and swallowed it down. Standing back, I took a few deep breaths to recover from the orgasm.


Ariana wasted no time. She covered the floor in paper quickly tacking down the corners. Her glorious ass smiling at me every time she bent over. Ariana then opened several paint cans on her workbench and began dumping some in small amounts on the paper. Several colors. She then stripped off her panties and shirt instructing me to do the same. My desire now quickly returning, we stepped onto the covered paper. She reached into a can and put some on my chest. I took another, painting her, mixing them in and laughing, having fun. Coming close in embrace we now kissed each other deeply.


Both completely engulfed in passion for each other found ourselves on the wet floor. We began splashing colors onto each other's bodies. I found her tits and began rubbing them as she moaned delightfully at the sensations. I eased my way down and found myself above her hairy mound. I kissed her vulva and sucked her labia gently. My tongue entered her pussy to taste what I earlier had inhaled in her hamper. “Oh baby!” I moaned. “You taste so good love!” I cried. Ariana moaned as my tongue and mouth pleasured her now excited clit. “Jerrrry!” she let out. “Right thereeee!” she gasped.


I furiously lapped her sweet spot as her hips gyrated into me faster and harder. Her hands were pulling my hair and head into the center of her pussy as I pleasured her magnificent body into ecstasy. I looked up as she groaned deeply, my mouth rhythmically lapping her slippery, swollen clit towards her nearing climax. “I-I'm Comingggg!” Ariana shouted as her back arched, legs trembled, and her belly contracted and shook with a force to behold! “Ohhh!” she bellowed and quaked in sheer pleasure.


My next move as she slowly came down from the ledge was to simply mount this beautiful filly and ride! I spread her still shaking legs apart as I guided my stiff cock up to her wet pussy. After sliding my head up and down over her labia, teasing her and myself I entered, just putting the tip in. I held my position above her both arms beside of her. I lowered my head and we kissed as I held steady making sure not to pull out. I could feel my cock throbbing, eager to plunge in!


“I want you baby,” I whispered. “I want to fuck you girl,” I said louder. “I want to fill you with my come!” I cried in ecstasy as I plunged into her fully. She gasped, as I thrust myself into her. Her hands dug at my back as we both squirmed in the wet paint beneath us. I fucked her furiously as we held together tightly. Ariana wrapped her legs around me and pulled me into her tighter. I fucked her tight, wet, warm, pussy as we slid across the paper, creating our own masterpiece of sex and desire! I could feel my dam about to break as I neared my plateau of pleasure.



We sucked each others tongues breaking free only to breath. “Ohhh!” “Ariana!” I moaned over and over! “I'm coming!” I yelled. “Fuck me harder Jerry!” “Fuck meeee!” she screamed! I moved in and out of her at a quickening pace, both lost, each in our own state of ecstasy together! My balls slapping into her ass as I pounded into her waiting pussy. I could no longer hold back any longer, Ariana bit down on my shoulder just as I exploded into her forcefully! My cock convulsed inside her as she cried and shook violently beneath me in a state of ecstasy. Her cunt contracting on my cock, literally milking me till nothing was left...


After a few minutes I softened and pulled out. I lifted myself, then her up from the wet mess that we had made. I embraced my woman and kissed her again. “Well darling, we made a mess here,” I said. “Look at us both baby! How are we gonna get this stuff off?” I asked. “It just washes off Jerry,” she laughed. “I already told you that.” We both made it to the shower and scrubbed each other off real good, toweled off and hit the bed exhausted. We slept soundly that night in each others arms. The next morning we got up and after dressing. “Look at this masterpiece we made together Ariana!” I said. “Isn't it great Jerry?”she says.“I know now what we can title it baby!” I say smiling. “What?” she asks puzzled...”Fucking Great!” I exclaim...


Making Beautiful Art Together