Is There a Market for What You’re Selling?

Is There a Market for What You’re Selling?

How To Clear Your Shop With In-Demand Items

More often than not, sellers enter the realm of the used-item fetish world with bold ideas and new sales-pitches with the intent of scoring big-time and profiting even bigger. However, the biggest problem with new ideas is new ideas that don't tailor to your market audience and enter a marker where there is virtually no demand. Of course, this site in particular is all about used panties. However, there's a market for videos, audios, other articles of clothing, and many more.

At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, sellers began to offer "pussy scented face masks". Initially, these were the first of their kind. Overtime, the idea caught on, the supply and demand leveled out, and they've started to become a staple. On the flip side, I've seen sellers market "pussy stuffed ketchup bottles". I have to wonder--is there a market for this? Was this a special request? The answer? No. It was a new seller, stocking her shop with every household item she could find to shove up her.. well you get the point. After a month, it was clear the items didn't sell and she soon picked up shop and left the site. 

Now, I've dabbled in some out-of-the ordinary items. I've sold garbage bags of trash. I've sold a Nuva-ring. I've given a 10-pack of used pantiliners. I've sold breast pads. Used shoes. Socks. Pairs of jeans. Pubic hair. Toenail clippings. You name it, I've probably sold it. In my four years on SP, I've made connections who come to me personally to make request they may not be comfortable having listed. Thankfully, with the anonymous review feature, it makes the guesswork much harder. However, I've seen the market trends. When I first joined, the site was almost exclusively panties, socks, bras, and what I used to sell as "cummy bears" (and yes, there will be about 20 sellers who will after seeing this, decide to sell "cummy bears"). Over the years, pics and vids are the "in" thing and prices have changed dramatically. What helped my sales the most, is staying unique to myself, but also noticing what is selling, what's not, and what has absolutely no demand. 

I think of it the same way the FinDom and BDSM community is oversaturated with "Insta dommes" and the "fuck you pay me" attitude. Anybody can stick up their middle finger, call someone stupid, and act like a brat. However, not everyone can render a man completely helpless and at your service with a simple smile. If you don't buy into it, if you aren't INTO it, and if you don't make yourself stand out, you're going to be lost in a sea of "pick me" girls. It's kind of like the influx of "Tips" posts on SP lately. What are you being tipped for, exactly..?

Sellers, do fetish research. I do not recommend selling used Q-Tips just because Tik-Tok told you to. Used fruit can certainly be inserted into your ass, but unless you've seen a market for it, don't vacuum seal it til you find a buyer. Out of every million ideas, one will be successful (not scientific statistics). Spamming the feed with the same content over and over can be effective at getting people to know your name, but exposing the market to something innovative and cutting-edge gets you remembered AND in-demand. 

Then again, what do I know. I've only been here for four years and bought a house with the money I made selling underwear after paying off student loans with money sold from socks. 

Is There a Market for What You’re Selling?