Mrs. Adler
Nov 02, 2021
From selling hand lotions to selling my panties

From selling hand lotions to selling my panties

This isn't my first rodeo when it comes to running my own business. The first time I decided to sell anything was back in 2013 with my sister. She was killing the game of selling scented waxes and wax warmers. The absolute kicker is that she isn't the pushy or "salesy" type. So, to see my sister own the game of independent consultancy, I figured, 'if she can do it, I most certainly can, too!' After all, I am the fun, crazy, and outgoing sheep of my family. 

I don't even think I lasted a full year before I decided, 'yeah, this type of gig is definitely not for me.' My biggest flaw was comparing myself to my sister. And, despite how amazing the products were and how well the company name was known, I still couldn't get behind selling it. Maybe it's because I'm not so much a materialistic person when it comes to home goods, but I probably poured more money into maintaining that business than what I actually received from direct sales. 

Oh, and DON'T get me started on the multi-level marketing system, where you gain more money by recruiting your friends in starting their own businesses as well. Either way, selling home goods was for sure not my thing and so I went about my merry way. 

Then a few years later, I was invited AGAIN into starting up my own business. Although, this time, it was body care items. Specifically, hand lotions and soaps. Okay, I could get behind this because I'm all about self-care and smelling good. Also, with my day job, my hands were as dry as the Mojave desert, so it kind of made it easier for me to sell it since I'm actually using it (Not that I wasn't using the wax warmers I was selling, because I do have a few of them laying around my house). This independent business go-around was amazing until, I realized how much I talked about the products and how pushy I've become at trying to make ONE sale. I didn't even try to get people to sign under me and make a "team," I figured my enthusiasm would spark some interest in others. 

Eventually, that appeal and luster started to fade away because I wasn't me. Sure, I absolutely love the products and still use them to this day, but at the end of the day, I wasn't me. I tried to start that business up again a year after I let my membership expire, but it was still the same feeling. 

Oh yeah, and I also tried to create my own business with my husband in selling handmade goods... We didn't even get past creating our virtual storefront because having full-time jobs, caring for youngsters, and going to school part-time left us with little to no time for us to make things to sell. 

Now, here I am, selling my used panties to strangers and starting ANOTHER business venture. You'd think, after 3 or 4 tries of running some kind of business, I'd just throw in the towel forever and quit at trying to have a side hustle... but this type of business and work is literally me. Okay, so maybe I'm not some well-known pornstar or even look the type to even be interested in this field of work (or, am I??). However, I am wild, crazy, and adventurous enough to want to have my hand at selling panties. 

This is the difference in selling wax warmers, lotion, or hand-made goods. This is actually me. I don't feel bad about selling my panties or other items and approaching strangers to talk about my items for sale. Also, with this type of business being a sort of taboo, I don't have to try to attract customers or talk to people and do my business pitch. The people I operate my business around know exactly what kind of work it is and what they want. I also don't have to worry about enticing others to join my business venture. I just have to worry about me. 


All-in-all, there are a few important lessons to learn from my long journey of trying to have my own business: 

1. DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO OTHER PEOPLE/SELLERS - I'm sure you'll hear that a lot, but it's true. I thought I would be just as successful as my sister, but in the end, I just didn't have the drive and enthusiasm that she had. 

2. Do what you feel comfortable in - In the end, selling home goods, handmade goods, or beauty products was just not for me. Ironically, selling panties is my thing. Don't let others pressure you into doing something you don't want to do. Also, don't spend too much time looking at what others are doing because it'll break you, in a way. 

3. You'll fail at times, but you have to keep going - If this is something you really want to do, like how I want to eventually say, 'yeah, I've got a pretty good side hustle going,' then keep at it! Sometimes you do have to take a break from everything because it will become overwhelming, but you can do eet!! 


If you got this far in my first SP article, THANK YOU! I'd love to know if this article or my experiences resonates with you! Let me know if you were the same as me with those MLM businesses.