Nov 02, 2021
Friday Night Modeling Session

Friday Night Modeling Session

By CelticLover - The Early Years

   Coming home one evening in the late eighties from my printing plant, I saw several boxes near my doorstep the UPS driver had left. Jane had told me earlier she was going grocery shopping after she left work. Seems I made it home before my wife, perfect I thought. The order had come in that I was anticipating. After hauling them into the living room I picked up the phone and dialed in for a pizza delivery. It was Friday night and I didn't feel like making a mess in the kitchen tonight. It will be a few minutes before it gets here, I've got time to get a shower before Jane and the food arrive. Stripping down, dropping clothes in the hamper, I turned the big knob on the wall and got in and pulled the curtain closed. The warm water felt great as I lathered up. I thought about tonight. Me and my lover would be in bliss. Jane loved our Friday time together. We would spend the evening together making love without worrying about getting up early the next day. Finishing up, I quickly dry off and head to the bedroom to put on some fresh clothes.

   As I enter the living room, the doorbell rings. Opening the door I see our pizza has arrived. After paying the driver and thanking him, Jane bounds up the stairs, bags in hand as the delivery guy heads down the steps. Hi honey! she says as I take the bags from her. You have any more bags in the car babe? I ask. No, that's all, she replies. Oh, what do we have here she queries. Pepperoni & mushroom pizza, I reply as I set the bags down in the kitchen. No, I saw that! These boxes on the coffee table? she quizzes. That is all of the Secrets In Lace lingerie we ordered for you last week my love! I excitedly inform her. You ready to eat girl? I ask. I'm hopping into the shower first, so I'll be ready to try on these new items, you go ahead, she replies. Jane loved getting new clothes and lingerie. Hey! I loved Jane getting new clothes, especially lingerie from SIL!

   I'm hungry, I muse, reaching for a slice. Umm! Good stuff, I manage as I fill my mouth with the Italian goodness. After downing half the box and a few glasses of iced tea later, Jane reappears in a white terry robe, belt hanging, front open and all her loveliness on display for me to see! I'm clean AND hungry! she exclaims. I've already eaten my fill dear, the rest is yours, I say as I begin opening boxes. So, what have we got love? She half mumbles chewing the slice hungrily, sitting on a dining room chair. Looks like everything is here baby. Six pairs of ff stockings of various colors, six pairs of matching sheer panties, three skirts, three blouses, one black & one white bullet bra, and lastly, a white pair of 5" pumps as well as 5" black open toed heels. I replied. Looking up as Jane sipped her tea, I couldn't help but admire her luscious breasts that have made their way free from behind the terrycloth. I'm excited to try them on Jerry, she says winking at me.

    I'm excited right now, I say as I move forward towards her, lifting myself and her up, slipping both hands around her petite waist pulling her up against me. Hey! Let me try them on first, she laughs. I ignore her, kissing her now open, receptive mouth deeply. Mmmm! We both mutter together. Sliding free from my grasp, Jane grabbed a box from the table and headed into the living room. I picked up the remaining boxes and followed suit. She turned around and sat on the coffee table, sleeve of new hosiery beside her. How about this tan pair of 10 denier nylons love? She asks. Those are my favorite color as you know baby, I reply excitedly. She removed them carefully from the envelope and curled her leg up to herself, rolled up the stocking neatly and placed her painted red toes into the nylons and began unfurling the sheer fabric upwards from foot to ankle, over the curve of her calf, neatly coming to rest on her upper thigh. Damn! I thought. My cock took notice as well! What a sight! I'll use the white garter for these, she said. And as quickly as the right leg, she repeats the motions for her left. My eyes took in every movement hungrily! Her pussy visible as she pulled the hose over her toes and feet. She looked so delicious! I couldn't wait to bury my tongue in her sweet pudding!

   Standing up Jane fastened the belt around her waist, straps dangling. Wanna help me fasten them Jerry? she asked. My hands reached out to grab the fabric and clip in my hands. I couldn't help but run my free hand up and down the length of her sexy legs after fastening the strap. You like honey? she teased. I LOVE baby! my reply. Now let's try on the skirt, she says thoughtfully, taking the white blouse and matching it with the red wool skirt. But first, the bullet bra. I hope it's not too big dear, she says. Jane has always had a time finding a cup size that fit her well. She placed each breast in their respective place, then turned and asked me to snap the clasp. I did, taking in her fabulous form from behind. ,,,She then reached into another envelope and took out a new pair of white sheer nylon panties, bending forward to step into them. After pulling them up and over the garter, she reached for the white slip. Again bending forward to step into the slip...I couldn't take it anymore. The sight was overwhelming me! I took in the glorious views of her panty clad ass, stocking tops and garters all at once. I swear I almost exploded at the sight!

   I dropped to my knees and decided the modeling show was over for now. I buried my face deep in her ass cheeks, taking in all of her sexy scent, kissing, licking her from behind! Oh! she exclaimed. No more trying on for you tonight? she laughed. I can't take any more baby, I muttered. I want you right now! I insisted. We both found ourselves on the floor together, boxes strewn around us, her panties now around one ankle. I pulled my trousers off quickly and took her in my arms and we kissed passionately for quite some time. Each in turn, exploring the other with our tongues. Mmm, I'm really getting wet love! she cooed. I want you baby, she sighed. What do you want? I asked. I want you to lick my pussy Jerry, she urged. Lick me love! Make me come baby! she begged. I placed a couch pillow down for her head to rest on. positioned myself, between her lovely legs. My now rock hard cock twitched with excitement. I took her foot in my hand, running my other hand over the length of her gorgeous leg, taking it all in. Pre-cum oozed from my now aching cock. My hungry mouth found her navel, kissing just above her garter.

   Moving down to her perfectly trimmed triangle, kissing, taking in all of her goodness. My mouth kissed and licked each tender thigh. Jane instinctively parted her legs, giving me total access to her luscious pussy. Her labia parted, glistening, moist, inviting me in. I licked and tasted her deliciousness completely. Running my tongue in and along her lovely cunt. Ohh! she moaned. That's it baby! LICK MEE! She purred. I lapped all of her wetness. Moving rhythmically beside her clit with my tongue. My right finger slid inside her pussy, curling upwards to her G spot. Jane's leg began shaking. Looking up, I could see her face concentrating and flushed with excitement. That excited me even more. I continued focusing all of my effort on her pleasure. When Jane got excited she did two things...and both drove me wild! As I licked and sucked on her pussy, her tongue would involuntarily stick out. The sight of her doing that turned me on extremely! Then she would become vocal, this also intensified my passion. Lick me baby! she moaned Ohhh! You like that? I teased. Yesss! Ohh! she panted. Her tummy moved, twitched, jerked. Jane pulled my hair, moaned loudly, Lick me Jerry! Ohh! Ohh! BABY! I'm Coming! And with that she shook and shuddered under the power of my tongue.

   After a few moments, I saddled up beside her, parting her hair with my fingers, I kissed her. I love you Jane, I whisper. She looked at me with those big brown eyes and said I love you Jerry. I'm so excited sweetheart, I said. You want me on top? She says. No, No girl...I wouldn't last a stroke, I'm way too excited, I answer. With that she moved down, taking my throbbing member in her small hands, kissing the head, then licking my shaft along its length. Jane then took my cock between her soft lips, working expertly, sucking, stroking, licking my tool in her wet mouth. I placed a hand on her head as she bobbed up and down on me. Ohh Girrrl! It feels sooo good! I stammered. I could feel the pressure building to peak. I-I'M gonna come baby, I gasped. The pleasure she was giving me was overwhelming! As I became lost in the intense sensation, I exploded! I shot my huge load of come into her waiting mouth! Jane eagerly swallowed it all down. I fell back on my hands, spent. Wow, Girl! I said. You are amazing! Well love, you really satisfied me completely too! She enthused. We both laughed. I held her for a time, kissing her cheek and whispering my love for her.

   I think I'll try on the outfit now, she said. Sounds like the session resumes, I said excitedly. You think you can contain yourself this time? She laughingly quips. I won't guarantee that now darling. You know the hypnotic effect you have on me girl! I answered smiling. Actually this was my plan all along. Get off quickly, so that I could spend time enjoying my wife's modeling, and then mount and fuck her real good. As a young man, I became too excited and couldn't last in the saddle very long, so coming quick the first go around allowed me to slowly reload and enjoy the next round fully. You like Jerry, she interrupted my thoughts. Oh my! I do, I replied. Jane had slipped on the red skirt, white blouse, and white high heels and was turning, posing for my approval. Your so beautiful my dear, I gushed. Thank you lover, her reply. How about the black backseam stockings and matching bra and garter baby, I asked with anticipation. Coming up next! she smartly replied. Watching her was a joy to me. I loved every inch of her beautiful form. Jane was breathtaking to look at. I really like the quality of these clothes Jerry, she remarked, holding up a black stocking. Yeah, SIL is a new company out of nearby Leesburg. Good stuff girl, not cheap either, I reply. After sliding on the hosiery, panties, skirt, and blouse, Jane slipped on the black heels. Turning a calf my way she asks, are my seams straight? I said, I don't know...

   C'mon over here and lemme check. My desire now quickly returning. All I could do was take in all of this beautiful woman's sights! I ran my hands over both lovely legs. Seams are perfect dear, I say. I then run my hands up and over her stocking tops, feeling her soft thighs. I could see her ass crack thru the sheer black nylon panties. What a view! I thought. My cock stirs back to life at the sensation and sight of her body. You like my legs Jerry, She coos. I love your legs, and every inch of you my sweet, I answer. You hard again honey, she teases. I am hard for you baby, I reply, eyeing her nylon clad ass. I run my fingers between her legs feeling her pussy lips thru the thin fabric. I want to fuck you girl! I want you again and again baby! I reached for the zipper on her skirt, sliding it down. She stepped out of it, heels still on. I helped her out of her blouse and bra. You like my little titties Jerry? She spoke in a little girl voice. I do! I said eyeing them hungrily. I reached up from my position sitting on the coffee table to grab both handfuls of wonderful titties! I took time sucking on each glorious one, careful to give equal time to both pretty pink nipples. My hands now gripping her nylon pantie covered ass, kneading eagerly each delicate cheek. Oh baby, she gasped. I moved down to her belly, kissing, licking her warm skin. As I sat on the coffee table, her standing before me, I buried my face into her sheer black nylon panties, pulling her pussy into my face. My hands gripping tightly her ass, my nose inhaling all of her female scent. I kissed her now moist pussy thru her panties.

   Sliding us both down to the floor, I situated myself over her. Jane lay now, on her back, as I had access from above her. I lifted her stocking clad leg, kissing from ankle to thigh, savoring every inch of her glorious leg. My eyes could see her neatly trimmed pubes thru her sheer panties. What an exciting sight! I spread her wider, lowering myself between her thighs and kissed her pussy lips thru the nylon. She was wet with anticipation. Ohh baby! she moaned as I kissed her pudding. Lick me Jerry! She begged. I then slid her panties down and off, sniffing them once removed. You like my scent, she teased, knowing full well I most certainly did. You bet I do. I replied as I resumed licking her now fully exposed dripping wet cunt. Take your hands and rub your nipples, I said. As she did so, I lifted her legs up high and rocked them toward her head, giving me full access to her bottom. I licked up and down her slit, tasting all of her wonderful juices. My tongue lapped her now slick pussy fully as she rubbed her nipples and moaned in pleasure at the sensations she felt. Her sexy tongue slid across her upper lip seductively as she purred in ecstasy. I licked down, from her pussy to her beautiful ass. My tongue flicked and circled her asshole, occasionally darting inside her lovely ass, tasting her fully. Ohh! Jerry! She cried as my tongue licked her ass. Oh! lick my ass baby! she moaned. I slid my left hand up and down over her sopping wet, slick clit. Ohhh! she cried. My tongue now focusing on her ass as my hand worked her clit. I stuck my tongue deep in her ass as I fucked her hole orally. Ohh! Ummmph! She grunted loudly. I-I'm coming! She blurted out.

   I continued working my mouth and hands in rhythm with her body. Her back arching, her torso quaking, Jane now crying out loudly, grunting, groaning, now literally shaking uncontrollably as waves of orgasmic pleasure sweep over her delicate frame! My tongue buried in her ass, feeling her sphincter contract as she climaxes hard! My licking resumes on her now dripping, soaked pussy. She still moans and contracts for a few moments as I savor the taste of her delicious nectar. You like baby? I ask teasingly. Oh Jerry! That was intense, she replies. I want you girl! I want to be inside of you baby! I said with an urgency.

   As she lay before me, I enter her wet pussy easily and begin pumping rhythmically, forcefully. Ohhhh! Jane! I love you girl! I cried. Fuck me Jerry, she replied. Fuck me baby! I moved in and out of her wet but tight pussy, taking pleasure in the delight she offered me! Her pussy felt amazing! Warm, wet and inviting. She wrapped her legs around me pulling me closer into her. One, we were truly one! I moved in to kiss her and found her mouth open and wet. As we moved in our mating dance together, in and out, our bodies locked in carnal knowledge, mouths entwined in sensual pleasure. Licking, sucking each other, totally enraptured in our love! Ohh! Girrrl! I'm getting close! I cried. I managed to get my mouth around her nipple, and sucked as I pumped in and out of her delightful pussy. I looked up to see her tongue sticking out. You know what that does to me, I moaned. Her eyes sparkled as she said, YES! I took her tongue in my mouth, sucking on it hard, as I felt my loins about to explode! Breaking free to breath I cry out as I furiously continue to pump away, I-I'm going to come! Fuck me! Fuck meee! She screamed. My mind now entered another zone at that moment! Pleasure had gripped me thoroughly, completely. Her pussy had gripped my cock and with each stroke, ecstasy had enveloped my very being!

   Jane's small frame beneath me began to shake, she was in the throes of climaxing again! She cried out loudly! I couldn't hold back any longer, The pleasure rising to a crescendo, and with a mighty groan from deep within, I too came, and came hard! Ohh! Jane! I managed as I fell to her side. I am speechless baby, speechless, I gasped. She turned to me, Jerry, that was amazing my love, she whispered. We lay there for quite some time, holding each other tight. I kissed her forehead and said, we better go to bed babyit is late. As we left the room I couldn't help remark to her that we still had another outfit or two yet to try on...Hey love? Yes she replies. We can do this all over again tomorrow...after breakfast of course! … Of course she laughs!

Friday Night Modeling Session