Nov 02, 2021
A date for 2

A date for 2

I should get ready for my date tonight! I have to take a shower and get dressed in under an hour! Oh boy! I can't be late!

I walk from my headroom the short distance to the bathroom. I close the door behind me and take a deep breath. It is cleaning and calming my anxious mind. Buzzing around different situations I may be placed in depending on how the date will go. I strip down to just my underwear and face myself in the mirror. I should have gone to the gym and not eaten the cookie I had packed for lunch today. Oh, well. Too late to change anything now. I make eye contact with myself and say aloud.

"I love myself unconditionally. I love my life unconditionally. I am right where I am supposed to be."

It makes me feel better about my body and how tonight is going to go. I turn on the water as high as it will go. In no time steam starts to creep up around me, wrapping me in its clutches. I pull back the curtin just enough so I can step inside the shower, careful to not let any water out. It stings my skin causing it to blush. I can't help but want to water to get hotter. I am always one who loves the pain. I tip my head back and let the water rush down the tip of my head to the bottom of my feet. Hot water always makes me feel relaxed and comfortable even on the coldest of days, here in the northeast it can get pretty cold. 

While my hair gets saturated with water my mind races as to what my date looks like. Does he have rippling muscles or a dad bod? I am not picky either way. Will he have a beard, maybe some distinguished looking gray hairs in the mix and salt and pepper hair? I begin to feel weak in the knees. I always loved an older man. One that could be old enough to be my father, maybe even older. I pull my lips into my mouth. I am starting to feel horny for this man that I have never met.  My and finds itself leading the way to my vagina. In all it's pink glory. It is freshly shaven and ready to accept my hand. I rub my fingers and push slightly into the folds. I find my clit, it it's sweet mound of glory. I start to rub gently, careful not to make it too angry. I think about this man I picture. He is tall, taller than me. He pushes me up against the wall. He forcibly takes my mouth with his. He doesn't give me an option to say no. He takes his hands and starts to treat at my clothing, not taking his lips off of mine. It feels so good. 

He lightly picks up one of my breasts. Releasing his lips from his grasp, he gingerly takes the nipple and puts it into his mouth. The pink flesh is ripe against his tough. The nipple is rock hard and ready for his advances. He suckles  and nibbles until it is bruised. I can't help but moan. But not too loud. We don't want anyone to know what we are doing.

he doesn't spend too much time on one without making the other feel niglected. At this point, I push harder on my clit and go a bit faster.  I can feel his cock getting harder. He feels my pussy and his fingers become wet  he licks his fingers and smiles the smile I know will get my into trouble. He recaptures my lips with his and pushes me harder against the wall. He pulls his pants down freeing his cock. Without missing a beat, he shoves his cluck into my pussy.

I can't help but let out a tiny scream. He stops kissing me. He looks at me with his smoldering eyes. He looks so disappointed. I am trying to hold back tears from the shame I feel. He turns his head away from me and whispers into my ear,

"Don't ever make that sound ever again. Are we clear?"

I nod silently. He resumes pinning me against the wall. His hips start to thrust his cock in and out of my pussy. Not only is it fast, but he burst his cock inside me. I am overwhelmed by the sensation. It's not long before a knot builds in my stomach. I keep rubbing my clit  faster and faster. I can't cum until he least me. I am so close. 
"So, may I cum?" I ask. 
"not until I do" he replys.  It kills me when he says this. I feel like I am going to cum with every thrust. Finally he groans and I feel his sperm filling me up. 

"Now you can cum."


I finally release the pressure that has been building in my stomach. It feels so good.  Then I realize that I still have a date to get rto tonight. I quickly shampoo and condition my hair and scrub every square inch of my skin just to make sure that I am extra clean for the man I am going to see.  I quickly towel dry and blow dry my hair. I swipe on some makeup, get dressed in the tightest dress that I own with heals that make me at least 3 inches taller.  I grab my purse and head out the door. But I don't forget the man that took care of me. 

A date for 2