Sweet Nectar Juice

Sweet Nectar Juice

42 views | Posted Oct 25, 2019 at 4:05 PM

$ 10

Buy ounces separately OR get the Sweet Nectar Juice Bundle! 🍋💦 Includes: pee soaked panty, 16 oz of juice, and photoset. 👙😘 Panty will be vacuum sealed, or zip locked bagged (buyers preference). +$8 shipping. Want it over night? $10 shipping fee.

milf pee pee soaked panty pee soaked lemonade golden shower drink up hydrated concentrated panty photoset wet scented fetish

Price: 10 USD

Payments accepted: Cash app (Preferred), Amazon GC (+$10), Target GC (+$10), Walmart GC (+$10), Victoria Secret GC (+$5)

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