Sock Lovers' Hanes Essentials

Sock Lovers' Hanes Essentials

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$ 25

*only 1 pair left! I have 3 pairs of these SUPER soft, comfy white socks. I will get them as dirty as you want them, and up to 4 days/4 work outs is included in the price. Shipping and Proof of wear pics included. Additional days +$5, and add on modeling video for +$10. Add-on pics or vid always VERY welcome!!! Check my profile for additional add-ons I do offer, and an additional pic!. Don't see an add-on you're interested in? Just kik or message me!😘

hanes sweaty smelly white work out gym ankle socks socks dirty pics video custom foot fetish

Price: 25 USD

Payments accepted: Giftly, Giftrocket, Amazon gift cards (+$5 on orders under $50)

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Dancing, cards, camping, swimmin...
East Coast (Ship throughout US)
last sign in: Friday, May 24, 2019

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