Sexytigress Lotto!

Sexytigress Lotto!

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$ 30

I have a super fun new game! Its Sexytigress' Lotto! $30 for 1 spin, $50 for 2 spins! Every single item in my shop is represented 1 time= 146 balls! The cage wheel spins and out drops a ball. You win whatever is represented by that ball. You can win panties, bras, socks, lingerie, panty/bra sets, kik sessions, premade and custom videos and picture sets! Over 100 of the items are panties! Everything represented is worth at least $30 and you could win something worth much more! Take your chances and have some fun! 💝👍

panties bras lingerie socks kik sessions custom videos premade videos picture sets game contest discount fun

Price: 30 USD

Payments accepted: Cash app, Circle pay, Google pay, giftrocket, Amazon GC. PayPal for trusted buyers only

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