Papyrus Cotton Star Thong With Ruffle Hips

Papyrus Cotton Star Thong With Ruffle Hips

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$ 20

This is such a cute thong. The multi -colored stars remind me of stary nights in the Sky as a cute little Angel. The Cotton has a Papyrus feel making this Pantie unique. The Cotton allows for the best absorption of my juices. The smell and taste are the Main Twinkle in these Little Stars. I will wear this for you for 24 hours at $3, and $5 for 48 hours. To play in them I charge $3 per session. Pussy stuffing is $5 and comes with a picture of me pulling them out. If you don’t see an add on her you would like let me know and I’ll give you a price.

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Price: 20 USD

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