Humiliation Sext Kik Session 30mins

Humiliation Sext Kik Session 30mins

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£ 25

Want to be made to blush for me? Need to be told how pathetic you are while I make you perform humiliating tasks for me? Do you need to beg me to be allowed to cum in your little panties? This could be the entry point into the ride of your worthless life - your stepping stone to entirely giving up what little dignity you have left, for my amusement as your Mistress. Not only can I take you right to that conflicted little happy place of yours between painful embarrassment and orgasmic bliss, but return to me and I will train, keyhold and develop you as the perfect humiliation sub. I ask for £25 for a first 30 minute dose of my humiliation treatment. This will be your chance to experience your own personalised taste of my cruelty, prove your submissive worth to me and for me to start to develop a sense of what is required for your on-going development as my humiliation sub. Send to and I will connect with you on an instant messaging platform for the 30minutes. If this goes well we can continue messaging sessions at £20 for 20 mins, or move on to phone/cam. Pay before you book - if it runs over time by my choice consider yourself in luck.

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Price: 25 GBP

Payments accepted: Paypal, googlepay, cashapp

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last sign in: Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019


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