Ballbusting Stories Parts 1-3

Ballbusting Stories Parts 1-3

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Ballbusting Part I - 18:56 Talking about why it's funny to watch a guy get hit in the nuts, and how it seems like such a cruel disadvantage to have testicles in a fight and/or in sports. I share some stories about hitting guys in the balls for no reason other than for my own entertainment, and how I like to surprise guys with sneak attacks to the nuts. Reaction to nutshot video I watch on youtube, talking about some of the mean things I've done to hurt a guy's balls. I also talk about how I think attacking a guy's nads should be legal in sports. Ballbusting Part 2 - 10:46 Stories of me kicking guys in the balls throughout my life. Laughter watching a youtube video along these lines. Telling you why I think athletes shouldn’t be able to wear protective jock gear. Even let women on the team to use that to their advantage. Ballbusting Part 3 - 13:59 Stories of me kicking guys in the balls throughout my life and how funny I think it is. Telling you why I enjoy it so much.

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