Interview with Sapphiras

Editor's Notes | May 31, 2018
  1. How long have you been selling your used panties and what inspired you to begin?

    I had read an article online somewhere YEARS ago, and thought, well that makes sense! There have been plenty of times where I have walked past someone and had my nostrils flare, being turned on by a certain smell, or even turned off.
    Time went by and I completely forgot all about the article, until about 4 months ago. I was having a conversation with some people and it somehow was brought up, and I decided, WHY NOT!?! Iv'e always been an open, sexual person, and this seemed like it was right up my alley.

    Do you do any other type of adult work?

    I don't!! SP is the first site I've joined like this.

    What do you enjoy most about selling worn panties?

    Hmmmmmm... I would have to say that my favorite part BY FAR is the shared love of kinks and fetishes between the buyers and sellers. Sure, anyone can sell you a pair of their panties, but when both parties are really into the EXPERIENCE and having fun with it, it really makes a difference.

    Do you ever get requests that are too extreme for you?

    Not yet. I list what my limits are in my profile, everyone has been extremely respectful so far.

    Any of your friends or family know or is this a secret pursuit for you?

    Some, but very few.

    What do you do for fun in your spare time?

    During my spare time, I entertain myself in a variety of ways including, gaming, reading, writing, archery, shooting, hiking, and of course, spending time with the wonderful people here on SP.

    What do you think contributes most to your success in this business?

    As with any business, you get what you put into it. Hours upon hours have been spent, price comparing, taking photos, shooting videos, making collages, watermarking, talking to buyers, talking to sellers, listing, making descriptions, and lets not forget, wearing the panties or other clothing items.
    There are many facets involved, and keeping up with it all, as well as being flexible and making sure to take the time for my buyers has done me a great justice, as well as a general love of kinks and fetishes.

    What’s the best advice you could give to new sellers?

    Do your research, its SO important!!! Price compare always, things are always changing. Be wary who you work with, needless to say not everyone is OK. Be sure you KNOW what YOU are comfortable doing/not doing, and set those limits. Some people may try to push them, but YOU are in charge!! I guess the last most important thing would be to have fun with it!! Explore and enjoy your kinks, that's what we are all here for!!

    How does Scented Pansy compare to other panty selling sites?

    I LOVE THE COMMUNITY HERE!!! Hands down the best, I and tried out another site shortly after i joined here, and you just cannot compare the two. Your items are more visible, easier to find, and the support is just PRO.